Sloshball, Anyone?

This weekend we played Sloshball in Golden Gate Park to celebrate our friends’ wedding and going away party (yay Rena & Elias!). Sloshball is a mixture of kick-ball and drinking shennanigans. In short, the rules went something like this:

1. Everyone must have a beer in hand at ALL times (making catches a sloshy mess)

2. Every time a player passes the keg (stationed at second base), they must stop, finish their beer, and fill back up before running to third base.

3. There is no limit to the number of people that can stay on second base at one time, usually creating a party at second base

Chris pitched and Annie went 1 for 2 for Team Sexy:

  • First kick: groundout to first
  • Second kick: single to right-center

Learn more about sloshball and plan your own game!


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