Garden Update

Our garden is out of control. We repotted the zucchinis that were growing in a planter into the main garden and they are taking advantage of the extra room. With the help of just one tomato plant (which is giving the topsy-turvey a run for its money), we barely have room for anything else and you can hardly see our rosemary, aloe, mint or basil anymore (although the herbs do love the shade the tomatoes are providing).


We have picked a few radishes (so pretty!), but we need to learn a thing or two about  proper harvesting (and a little bit about vegetables in general, too).  We had a good laugh when we pulled the zucchini plant from the ground and didn’t find the vegetable growing from the roots. Oops. Thanks to wikipedia, we no longer are confused about how zucchinis grow, but we can’t say the same for the rest of the veggies in our garden.



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