R.I.P. Giant Tomato Plant

Saturday morning we woke up and decided that something needed to be done about our garden.  At first it was very nice and neat…then the plants started to grow,  especially the tomato plant.  We decided that we would try the tomato plant even though SF is not the best place to grow them.  We ended up with about 25-30 mini green tomatoes that never got bigger than a cherry.  The plant however, had grown MASSIVE and was overtaking most of our small garden space.  We made the executive decision that he had to go.  May he RIP:

Down the steps and over the ledge for some urban composting!  After saying goodbye to the tomato plant, we decided to plant some more lettuce seeds.  Our lettuce plant has done very well and has provided lots of free lettuce for sandwiches, burgers, and salads.  We like having fresh lettuce so much, that we decided we will need more!  We are also anticipating our first zucchini which are flowering now and should be arriving soon.


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