Camping at Bodega Dunes, Sonoma Coast State Park

Saturday we headed back up north to Sonoma Coast State Park (not very far from where we were abalone diving last week) to go camping for a night at Bodega Dunes.

Campsites in California are very difficult to reserve, especially if you are just planning a quick weekend trip like we normally do. Sites in Yosemite usually fill up the day they become available, usually within seconds or minutes, for up to five months out. So if you see a campsite available in northern California for a Saturday night, you better stake your claim!

Bodega Bay, population of 1,000, is a quaint sea-side town that rarely sees the sun. Downtown Bodega Bay is about a mile off of the coast, so on a good day, it’s  not as foggy as the seaside.

We stopped at a local joint downtown for some BBQ oysters before heading to the campground.We happened to catch the sun on the nice outdoor patio before taking a quick look around the town’s general store and surf shop.

We checked-in to our campsite, pitched the tent and headed for a very sandy hike to the ocean.

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A bottle of wine, tall boy, several beers and a few vodka drinks later you won’t even realize that it’s raining on you, let alone care that you are sitting around a fire in late August wearing a hat, gloves and three layers of clothes. Good thing we happened to notice the skunk rummaging through our trash. We are familiar with various campsite creatues that like to take advantage of us so against our better judgment, Chris chased Pepe le Pew away (luckily) without getting sprayed.

The camping adventures continue this week as we head to the Gorge Amphitheatre) in Washington for part of Labor Day weekend!


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