Camping at Big Basin State Park

We embarked on what we think will likely be our last camping trip of the season since daylight savings and winter are just around the corner. We drove down highway 101, through Saratoga (a very quaint town we would have loved to stop at if we had more time) and into Big Basin State Park, home to the California redwoods. The park is located about 25 miles from Santa Cruz and to our surprise, the weather couldn’t have been better, 73 degrees and sunny.

We were able to research tent sites before making our reservation. While we were looking for the best site available, we found one with a note that the campsite was “located in the middle of a group of redwoods” – perfect!

After pitching our tent, we headed off to check out the Sempervirens Falls. The trails weaved through the redwoods and the hike through the park was much more impressive than the 17 foot waterfall. Perhaps it’s a little more exciting when the water is in full force, but it was a great hike to get there.

From there, we went to see some of the biggest trees in the park including a couple of park favorites, the “Father” and “Mother of the Woods” which are the largest  (diameter 16′ 9″) and tallest (329 feet tall; 70 feet circumference at the ground) living trees in the park respectively.

Back at camp, we cooked dinner on the fire ring (bean burgers and mac & cheese) and played cards, listened to music and burned everything that we could find. We become quite the pyromaniacs after a few cocktails and beers!


For our next camping trip, our hearts are set on a trip down to Joshua Tree in southern California, but we’ll just have to see if we can make that happen as the time gets closer.


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