Lands End Trail, a San Francisco Treat

When we have visitors in town, we like to show off our city by giving them a healthy dose of local activities. One of our best kept “secrets” is a hiking trail that hugs the coast along the northwest side of the city.

Lands End Trail starts with perfect views of the Golden Gate bridge and continues along the cliffs until the bay meets the ocean. Along the way, there are a few scenic viewpoints off the beaten path that offer fantastic ocean and bridge views.  To find these lookouts, simply disregard the signs that say “do not enter, people have fallen to their death” or “keep out, rogue waves will sweep you to sea.”  

Lands End Trail has a little bit of everything to keep you entertained: rocky beaches, a stone maze, the Sutro baths (old bath house ruins from the late 1800’s) and no trail can be complete without a cave. The trail ends with beautiful views of Ocean Beach. In terms of the level of strenuous activity, the trail itself is easy to moderate – its the views that get ya! 

We took one of our best friends out to Lands End Trail this weekend and realized we were taking more pictures of our visitors than ourselves because we have been here so many times. The first time we came here was just over two years ago when we were trying to find a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Many of our friends and family can vouch for us that Lands End Trail is one of the best things to do in the city. Browse through the slideshow below to see the trail’s versatility. Or, pay us a visit and we’ll take you there!

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