A Day Without Wine is a Day Without Sunshine

This past weekend we took a break from planning our upcoming trip and wedding to enjoy a day in wine country. Francis Ford Coppola winery has been on our Bay Area bucket list for quite awhile, so we figured it was a perfect way to spend one of our last weekends.

The Coppola Winery is located in Geyserville, Sonoma County. Coppola purchased the winery about seven years ago and is most famous for directing “The Godfather” trilogy and “Apocalypse Now.” At the winery, you can view some of his Oscars and other movie memorabilia.

Not only did we score two free wine tastings each, but we were also able to get day passes to the pool instead of paying for a reservation.  Success! More money for food and drink!

The Coppola pool provided the perfect opportunity to test our new underwater camera that we plan to use on our trip.  It also gave Annie the chance to try to make friends with little kids at the pool. She may have been overheard asking a 10 year-old “so do you come here often?”

What better way to end our last wine country trip, than to celebrate with a little bubbly at Korbel winery in Guerneville!

The winery has a real old school feel and includes four complimentary tastings. As always, we like to keep it classy…

So long wine country, you will be missed!


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