Annnnd We’re Off!

“A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” – Chinese Proverb

Hello from Miami! After a very eventful last day in Raleigh, we’ve made it to SoBe this morning where we depart for Quito in just a few hours.  It feels surreal to be starting our adventure after a year of planning!

Between the two of us, there is a wide range of emotions as we prepare to embark on our journey – nervous, anxious, excited and even a little scared. We find comfort in the fact that we’ve prepared as much as we could and now we just have to be flexible for whatever comes our way. We put this mantra to good practice yesterday when we called to confirm our flights, only to learn they were cancelled! Things have a way of working themselves out. All you can do is try to maintain a positive attitude when life throws you a curve ball. We’ve re-booked our flights and are well on our way as originally planned. Hooray!

We’re both equipped with all the clothes, medications, toiletries and travel gear we think we’ll need for the next year. Our cell phones have been cancelled, our few possessions are in storage and everything we are taking for the next year is packed away in four backpacks. We are ready; we just hope South America is ready for us!

A big thank you to everyone who bought us travel gear and equipment from our wedding honeyfund! We also wanted to thank everyone for their love, blessings, support and hospitality over the past month. We feel very fortunate to have such amazing friends and family to come back to when we return.

Look out Ecuador, here we come!


7 thoughts on “Annnnd We’re Off!

  1. Totally weird request but would love to see a picture of all your gear! Its crazy to think of everything you can do without when you’re carrying it on your back!

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