Meat And Wine. All. The. Time.

After a hassle-free and incredibly scenic border crossing, we made our way to Mendoza, Argentina. The first thing we did when we checked into our hostel was look for a steak (well, after we enjoyed our free glass of wine). We found a nice sidewalk restaurant and indulged in the rarest steak we’ve ever eaten. It tasted so good and left us wanting more.  Sorry, no picture. We were too famished at the time to remember to take a picture before we started digging in.

Mendoza is known for its wines and surrounding vineyards.  For six hours, we rented bikes and cycled our way through the nearby wineries, a brewery and a liquor distillery while wearing our super safe bike helmets. To be honest, Mendoza doesn’t hold a flame to Sonoma or Napa Valley but the Malbecs, Cab Savs and mountain views were amazing! From Mendoza, we took an overnight bus to Buenos Aires. As soon as we checked into our hostel, we had our hearts set on attending a futball game. After researching, we learned there was an inner-city match between River Plate and Racing that afternoon. Tickets can only be purchased by club members so the only way to attend a match is to go on a tour with an agency or scalp tickets. The hostel offered a futball package for 570 Argentine Pesos that included tickets, round-trip transportation from the hostel, pizza, beer and someone to “watch after you” as games can get incredibly rowdy and sometimes dangerous, especially for tourists. Always up for an adventure to save money, we opted to try to scalp tickets at the game.  The do-it-yourself method was easier than we thought. You just have to watch out for the crazy drunk throwing bricks. The police may beat you with a baton a little for throwing bricks but don’t worry, they’ll still let you into the game.

We were blessed with beautiful weather and the crowds did not disappoint. Everyone was chanting and singing at the top of their lungs throughout the entire game. The opposing team’s stands were barricaded with a fence and barbed wire and separated by two whole empty sections filled with police. Once the game was over, the opposing team’s supporters were forced to leave the stadium completely before they let anyone else out. Unfortunately, River Plate lost 0-1 but we were lucky enough to still see a goal.One of the highlights in Buenos Aires was the food, especially the meat! The locals recommend DesNivel for sirloin steak sandwiches and sausage sandwiches (choripan). We loved the food so much, we ended up eating there three times. The steak sandwiches have not one, but two thick and juicy steaks on it. It is so incredibly good.We were told to go to La Cabrera for the best steak in Buenos Aires. From 7pm-8pm all of the food and wine is 40% off. We couldn’t pass up this amazing deal. We ordered two 400 gram steaks, one extremely large chorizo and ribs. Hands down, it was the best steak we’ve ever eaten.Kenny has a friend, Jessica, living in Buenos Aires who invited us over for a dinner party. Argentines don’t eat until 10pm or later so we decided to go back to La Cabrera for an 800 gram steak appetizer before heading to her house. It was just as good the second time. The food that Jessica made was also amazing! We were served delicious appetizers and sides, half pound burgers with all of the fixings and had a surplus of wine at our disposal.We knew Argentina was known for their cheap steaks and BA did not disappoint. A big thank you to Aunt Aline and Uncle Steve for the wine tasting and steak dinner honeyfund! We’ve never eaten so well on our trip and have definitely gained all our weight back (and then some) over the past few weeks.

One of my favorite things about Buenos Aires is that they have bars (and sometimes restaurants) within the shops. You can browse through the latest fashions with a glass of wine in hand.Other Buenos Aires highlights include visiting the extremely large cemetery. As Kenny said, “it’s a neighborhood for the dead.” Some of the mausoleums were incredibly ornate while others were falling apart to the point where you could see the coffins through the window.We also enjoyed a free tango show in the colorful neighborhood of Boca.We also took a few street art photos around Boca Juniors’ stadium.All in all, Argentina and Buenos Aires have been amazing! BA is probably our favorite city we’ve visited in South America. There was so much to do and we feel that we’ve only grazed the surface of what the city has to offer in five days. Plus, their food and drink is to die for!


4 thoughts on “Meat And Wine. All. The. Time.

  1. I appreciate the accepting attitude on brick-throwing & love of steaks. Sounds like my kind of party! Keep up the great posts! Thinking about you guys!

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