Our Search for Chivitos in Uruguay

Our food tour didn’t stop in Buenos Aires. When I read Lonely Planet’s 11 Best Street Foods Worth Blowing Your Diet Over, the chivito (#7 on the list) really stuck with me. For those of you who don’t know, me and sandwiches are quite fond of one another. A classic chivito is an oversized sandwich containing steak, ham, bacon, mozzarella cheese, egg, lettuce, tomato and other fixings that the local establishment selects to add – YUM! I knew we had to hop on a ferry to neighboring Uruguay for a few days to taste it for ourselves.

Our first stop was Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay. We arrived just in time for dinner and the anticipation of our first chivito was growing. Our first chivito had all of the traditional toppings on a tasty ciabatta roll. It was the perfect welcome to our new country. Sorry, the photo fell victim to bad exposure.The next morning, we ate a light breakfast and went searching for the tastiest chivito Montevideo had to offer. After watching Anthony Bourdain’s food review of the chivito from Chiviteria Marcos, we were on a mission. Several local buses and a few kilometers later, we arrived.The chivito did not disappoint, it was piled high with toppings and had gooey mozzarella cheese melting down the sides. They also added chopped green olives and pickled vegetables making the already salty sandwich even tastier.  Just like Anthony says in his video, we left feeling like “a meat piñata ready to pop.”The weather was perfect for waddling around Montevideo for the rest of the day with full and happy bellies. Sadly, Kenny was flying back home through Montevideo that evening so it was time to say goodbye. We had such an amazing time traveling with a friend and familiar face for two weeks. We miss you Kenny!

From Montevideo, Chris and I took a bus to Colonia del Sacramento. I keep describing the town as “lovely” because that is exactly what it is. Cobblestone streets weave through the quaint and walkable town where you can sit at a sidewalk café or restaurant to enjoy the beautiful river views. The town was very charming and nice change of pace from the bustling city of Montevideo.What made our time in Colonia even better was eating our favorite chivito yet. We sat down at an extremely cute restaurant near the Plaza de Armas called The Drugstore. The chivito here was topped with a fried egg, the bread was soft and crusty and the steak was thick and juicy – the perfect trifecta!Although our time in Uruguay was short, it was deliciously sweet. We highly recommend visiting Uruguay, especially Colonia, and indulging in the local chivitos. Now a few pounds heavier, we are headed back to Buenos Aires to catch a bus to Iguazu Falls in northern Argentina.


4 thoughts on “Our Search for Chivitos in Uruguay

  1. More beautiful places – and for sure you are not going hungry – what food and the amount – keep on keeping on – enjoy – love from N. C.

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