Chasing Waterfalls in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Following our two-week bender of steak and meat-loaded sandwiches in Buenos Aires and Uruguay, we hopped on a bus headed north to Puerto Iguazu, Argentina. This was not the normal bus experience we had become accustomed to in South America, however.  Our seats were wonderfully comfortable (and not broken) and we were given pre-dinner around 5:30PM followed by a full dinner around 9PM. I was served two whiskeys on ice before dinner and had a full beer with dinner.  Following dinner, the attendant served chocolate dipped cookies and a glass of champagne for both Annie and me.  Best bus ride ever!Puerto Iguazu is a small town in northern Argentina that borders Foz do Iguacu, Brasil and Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. When we arrived in town, we met an Irish couple who were going to Paraguay for the rest of the day so we decided to go along since we couldn’t check-in to our hostel for a few hours. Long story short, we were only in Paraguay for about 30 minutes before we decided that we should head back to Argentina. The local bus we took blasted through Brazil and Paraguay without stopping at any borders or custom stations. We arrived in Paraguay and tried to find a bar or restaurant so we could have a drink but no such luck. I guess it didn’t matter, we didn’t have any Paraguayan money anyway which was just poor planning on our part. Unfortunately, we don’t have picture evidence or passport stamps to prove we ever really went!

The main reason we traveled to Puerto Iguazu was to see its massive display of waterfalls that span the Argentinian and Brazilian border. The next day, we woke up early to head to Parque Nacional Iguazu to explore the Argentinian side of the falls.The Iguazu River spills over the cliffs to form incredible waterfalls. The number of falls varies depending on the river’s water flow, but can range anywhere from 150-300 separate falls. One of the main attractions is the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat) where approximately half of the river spills over the cliff and falls 82 meters. This is where we decided to start our tour of the park!After the Devil’s Throat, we explored some other trails around the park and took in the many different viewpoints of the falls.  Some of the catwalks were right under the path of the falls letting us feel the power of the water and getting us soaked at the same time.While walking around the park, we were constantly surrounded by beautiful butterflies.The highlight of the day was the boat ride into the falls! We got decked out in all of our waterproof gear and headed out on the river.The views from the river and beneath the falls were amazing. The rush of the waterfalls was so powerful, it was hard to keep your eyes open.

We came back to shore completely soaked and exhilarated!We had planned to go to the Brazilian side of the falls the next day, but a rainstorm kept us in the hostel. The upside is that we were able to catch up on some errands and also save a little money. The weather did clear for a bit and we walked down to a lookout in town where you can see all three surrounding countries (Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay).

Now we are preparing to head to Brazil, our last country in South America. Can’t wait for the sun, sand, and samba!


One thought on “Chasing Waterfalls in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

  1. Still sharing beautiful sights – still eating good and still smiling – keep on keeping on – have a great time Love both and stay safe.

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