The Flowtrells Are Going Global

We are travel and adventure enthusiasts who suffer from a bit of wanderlust. After nearly a year of planning and budgeting, we are happy to finally announce and share our RTW (round the world) travel plans: 

Starting July 10, 2012, we are embarking on a year long globetrotting adventure to South America, Africa, Australia/New Zealand and Asia!

After lots of discussions on how and where we want to spend the next few years, we came to the realization that this is the time for us to live the travel dream. So over the past year, we’ve traded fancy dinners for barbeques with friends at home and beach resort vacations for camping trips. Splurging for new clothes and household goods has been swapped for buying only items that we will wear and need for the next year on the road.

We have started to sell all of our possessions, resigned from our jobs and are getting ready to start the two biggest adventures in our lives: traversing the globe during our first year as newlyweds!  

Follow us on our journey. We will try to keep our blog updated as best we can so be sure to subscribe via RSS or email for ongoing updates!


2 thoughts on “Globetrotting

  1. Hi from Mike Rose in Frankfort
    Lindy and I are with Russ and MJ. grandma Barb – all are well.
    I have been to Cuzco andd Machu Pichu. Enjoy the Galapogos!
    Take care!

  2. Yay! Congratulations on these huge steps toward July 10 and the rest of your lives. So excited for you, and hope to run into you somewhere out there 🙂

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