Flow Meets Trell

A southern gentleman and a mid-western wild child fall in love.

We met through a mutual friend in 2006, our junior year in college, at a St. Patrick’s Day party where Annie was living at NC State.

Less than two months later, we were exploring Lyon, France where Annie was interning for the summer. After Chris’ second trip to Europe in less than eight weeks, Annie joked to her mom that we were going to elope.

After two years in Raleigh traveling, tailgating and cheering on the Wolfpack, we packed our things and moved to Chicago to start our careers.

After another two years filled with street festivals, bike rides along the lakefront, da Bears, stuffed crust pizza and ridiculous snow storms in the Windy City, it was time to move to warmer pastures. We packed up our things once again and headed west to San Francisco.

California introduced us to camping, craft beer, and west coast living.

Three cities and more than six years later, we are looking forward to our next adventure together,  starting with our wedding day!

Flow Meets Trell
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